About Us

The Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation is a not for profit, unique to Australia, which began in South Australia. It is an organisation belonging solely to the member Firefighters and their families. Its main purpose is fund raising for charity, offering assistance to fire and road trauma victims, especially children, and those in immediate need. In addition, it also aims to become more actively involved in its local communities, assist in the provision of fire prevention information to the community, and improve the internal network and welfare of the fire fighters themselves by peer to peer support.


The concept for this Foundation originated in Canada, where many years of successful campaigning has not only assisted the community in its various needs, but also raised the profile and morale of the Firefighters in that country. This in turn, through the support of the people, has ensured their position within the community.


The Firefighters Foundation is committed to assisting people that have been effected by fire and road trauma, in particular the children's burns unit in Adelaide.


The Foundation is also committed to improving and maintaining the internal network and welfare of Professional Firefighters and their families.