Ambassador of the Foundation Brenton Ragless


Brenton Ragless is ambassador for the APFF and has a well-established connection with the state’s fire and emergency services. His interest with the fire service evolved from the age of five when he tagged along with his dad to the Eden Hills CFS Brigade.


On finishing Blackwood High School in 1993, Brenton followed in his father’s footsteps to become an active volunteer firefighter – which after eight years led to a full-time position as CFS Media Spokesperson providing commentary on fires and other disasters. This regular liaison between CFS and the media later opened the door in 2008 to Brenton becoming Channel 9’s weekday Weather Presenter for six years, and now News Anchor.


Brenton is also an ambassador for the CFS Foundation, and still provides support to SA’s fire services as an advocate for fire safety and prevention. Occasionally he responds with the Cherry Gardens Brigade to provide ground support for air operations over the Fire Danger Season.


While working at CFS Headquarters, Brenton wrote and produced numerous DVDs that were used for educational and promotional purposes. He also developed training packages on safe fireground practice for media.


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