Community Projects

Melbourne Cup at the Wakefield Hotel November

Another great fundraiser for the APFF.  Over $1,000 raised from raffles, sweeps and donations from the Wakefield Hotel.  Thanks to our volunteers Justin, Brian, Karen and Mark.  Many thanks to Alex and Jason at the Wakefield for supplying prizes and hosting the day.   Bunnings Kent Town donated the raffle 1st prize BBQ which was won by a very happy Gary!

MFS OPEN DAY Saturday 8th November after the Pageant

Another wonderful day for the visitors of the Open Day and the APFF - over $5,000 takings between our BBQ and Merchandise Stall.  Both were very busy all day which was great.  Lovely weather and big crowd too!  Check out the famous faces - Peter Takos, Sally Smith, our Patron, Minister Tony Piccolo, Baz Brine, Dave Jones, Trevor Ward, Max Hammill, Allen Vanstone, John Buckley, Mick Buckley, Russell Wiskar, the kids - Neil, Mehan and Jai, and our special behind the scenes helpers Al Smith and Josh D'Addino.  Thanks also to our Merchandise volunteers - Susie, Cec and Kally.  

USAR Training Course Catering - Fundraising for Firefighters

The APFF was again offered the opportunity to cater for the USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) training course this year which was held between 4th and 22nd August at Angle Park. This involved providing morning tea and lunches for 40-50 people each day.  The meals ranged from bbq’s, roasts, pasta and fresh rolls.  Four to six volunteers were needed every day to help prepare and cook food, clean up and enjoy the day working with others, knowing that the proceeds of our efforts this year would be going to the Firefighters Welfare Account.

Many thanks to our Co-ordinator Kevin Ryan, Trevor Ward, Brian Moon, Kylie Saunders, Paul Rayner, Jarrod Sims, Simon Ebert, Paul Cayford, Gary McLennan, Nick Hoskins, Roy Paparella, our wonderful retirees - Rick Ewens, Ron Hoey, Trevor Jones, John Johnson and Mick Buckley.  Also to the crews that attended from Adelaide, Salisbury and Woodville.

Photo booths at Westfield TTP and Marion

Our photo booths held at Westfield TTP and Marion were once again very successful.  

Children and adults alike enjoy having their photo taken with Deefa or our volunteer firefighters.  We took around 400 photos at each event of babies, families and even grandmothers who wanted their photo taken with our young firefighters!  The photos cost $2 each and once printed, stuck on a story card.  Proceeds went towards our Shake the Boot campaign.